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By Jonathan Evatt

Peace, Power, and Presence

Wisdom for a Life of Freedom — Volume One

Why is your life the way it is? How do your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect your perception of the world around you? How does this perception influence your power, and therefore affect your state of Inner Peace? Most importantly, how can you approach your life—as it is right now—in such a way so as to liberate yourself from suffering and become established in a lasting state of Peace, in the Power to fulfil your purpose, and in absolute Presence to the perfection that you are?

In this groundbreaking new book Peace, Power, and Presence, Jonathan Evatt brings clarity to key principles and perspectives on these and other challenging questions.

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Jonathan Evatt

JONATHAN EVATT is a contemporary mystic, yogi, and spiritual pragmatist residing (primarily) in Aotearoa / New Zealand. He travels extensively—journeys that have taken him to more than 23 countries on all major continents of the world—whilst remembering, living, and sharing what he refers to as Wisdom for a Life of Freedom. He has been exploring, testing, and applying a wide array of spiritual, scientific, philosophical, aboriginal, and Inner knowledge since childhood. At this crucial time in the human story, he feels it’s important to share a timely, and yet timeless, message.

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